The College

The Scientific Foundation of Hisham Hijjaw, supported by the Federal Government of Germany, Arab and International Development Institutions and Palestinians, established the Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology in Nablus, one of An-Najah National University Faculties. The College is a Technical one that started operation in October 2001.
The College is a post-secondary vocational technical education & training college (TVET level 2), that produces Technicians through programs covering both theory and practical skills, including supervised field training. Technicians able to operate at the highest degree of competence, with strong skills in their technological specializations, who are able to work effectively.
Graduates of the college have the academic knowledge & technical skills & competences to operate in an increasingly complex technological world and have the intellectual capacity to adapt to constant change.
The college accepts students from the general secondary education (Tawjeehi) and TVET level 1 graduates in its formal system, and trains other students in its non-formal system of short term courses.