The Award

The Award

The Hisham Hijjawi Award for Applied Sciences is an annual Award that includes financial grants for 3 Applied Sciences Fields and is offered to Scientists and Specialists in recognition of their achievements in Applied Scientific Research.

The Award main target is to enhance Technology transfer, development and utilization matching the prevailing Economic environment requirements in Jordan and Palestine.

The fields of research are announced annually and are chosen based on the main development needs of the Area. For this year the fields were:

  • Industry & Energy.
  • Agriculture, Water & Environment.
  • Information Technology & Communications.

Candidates for the Award should be Arab Nationals residing in Jordan or Palestine; their research should enjoy distinguished scientific value, creative solutions, and has feasible scientific and economic potential.

3 Awards are offered annually, amounting to JD 15,000.-. The award of JD 5,000.- is offered for each of the 3 fields of research.

The Award Steering Committee sets the policy for the Award and its operation; it consists of well known Academic & Industry Experts from public and private sectors. Three specialized evaluating committees are formed on annual basis to study the researches and decide upon their possible application in order to choose the winning researches.