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The Foundation

The Scientific Foundation of Hisham Adeeb Hijjawi (SFOHAH) was established in 1981 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, by the Late Hisham Hijjawi. SFOHAH is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization whose objective is supporting technical and applied sciences education to enhance technology transfer and absorption, in order to develop suitable industrial base for a better human welfare.

The Foundation provides grants and support derived from its investment portfolio that was endowed by Late Hisham Hijjawi.

The Foundation operates through its Amman office to follow up on projects and programs in Jordan and Palestine. A board of directors set the policy for the foundation’s grant making and operations. An advisory board selected from public figures advises on SFOHAH’s general strategies.

In 1984 the Foundation donated three million dollar grant towards the establishment of a technical college within Yarmouk University of Jordan. Hijjawi College for Engineering Technology offers a B.Sc. degree in 4 programs; Computer Engineering, Communications, Electronics and Power Engineering. SFOHAH supports the college on continuous basis in order to maintain quality and excellence.

The Foundation established a Technical College in Palestine, within An-Najah National University. The Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology stared in 2001, providing technical education and training in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Fields. The College is a polytechnic providing Technician Level Training.

SFOHAH’s core programs include the development of exponential understanding at hijjawi college as well as querqlem development and enhancement.


SFOHAH also sponsors the exponential open day at Hijjawi at Yarmouk University.


The foundation also sponsors the introduction of top-notch speakers and well known businessmen  to expose all Hijjawi students to the latest in technology and entrepreneurship.